Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dragon and Bowl in Progress

As I mentioned previously, I have some pieces I glazed a couple of weeks ago, which are waiting to go back in the kiln.  One is my dear dragon girl, Shadow Splash.  Here she is before staining and glazing :

Here she is, on the shelf after spraying with Very Black stain everywhere, and adding Deep Blue glaze on her fins.  Her eyes are literally "glazed over", since I added Clear glaze, and then waxed (since I didn't have any liquid latex, which would have worked much better) so I would be able to wipe off the black stain there.
Among other items, I had a bowl with an impression of a cedar branch on the bottom side.  I brushed Deep Blue onto it, and scraped it off so it would remain mostly in the impressed areas:
Since it didn't scratch off very cleanly, I also wiped some of the smooth areas with a wet sponge, to remove the bulk of the Deep Blue before dipping it in another glaze:
I have not been particularly attached to this bowl, which is good, since it allowed me to experiment freely with these techniques.  But then again, it could pleasantly surprise me, as many pieces have previously.

I didn't take photos last week, partly since I misjudged the time, and was rushing to finish up at the last minute, as I almost always seem to do.  Partly since I was having too much fun, since my sister, Rose, joined me for her first session with clay.  She started and for the most part finished 6 pieces, which was impressive.  I look forward to seeing them tomorrow, to see how they held up, and how much they dried, considering the spectacularly warm and dry weather we are having lately in Vancouver.  I also look forward to the next time she can join me for another "play with clay" session.

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