Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ceramics : Where are They Now?

When my ceramics pieces started to get too large to keep on my window sills (which are getting pretty full), many of them ended up on my counter.  So I am happy to mobilize them when I need somewhere to store fresh fruit, like these cherries and apricots from the Okanagan (Keremeos BC), and blueberries from my mother-in-law in Agassiz :
My two abstract garden sculptures are now in the garden.  The one on a stick serves as a bumper for the hose, so it won't disturb the garden when I pull the sprinkler around the upper yard :
I hope to add sculptures like this everywhere that I pull the hose, so I have a few more to go.  A number of years ago, I started with this driftwood goose, which has held up amazingly well in the garden, and has not even been repainted (I move it to the shed in Winter) :
I brought home a frog for my garden yesterday, he comes to us from the Okanagan (Osoyoos BC), a few hundred miles from here.  It is a lot more moist here, and we have lots of insects in the garden, so I hope he likes it here.  Here he is before setting him free in my garden :

I set out two bowls of water for him, and this ceramic cylinder, in case he is looking for a place to hide (although I think it may not be big enough for his liking).  Here he is, crawling past it.  That was the last I saw of him last night.  I hope I will see him again, and most of all, I hope he chooses to live in my garden for the remainder of the year.

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  1. Great update Lily! Love the frog. Hope he stays in your garden too. :)