Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Finished Pieces from the Summer

I've posted the pieces from the Tony Clennell workshop, and my leaf plates, and the big dragon pot.  I'm posting a few more pieces, which I picked up recently, before the studio closed.  It will reopen in September.  There are a few more I have not taken photos of yet, and it's too late now to get good lighting, so they'll need to wait for another time.

Double walled floral ceramic vessel, pottery by Lily L.
1) I really like how this piece turned out.  It has the look of a wood or soda firing, and I love the variations in colour and visual texture of it.  It was thrown from 2200g of P570 white clay.  I seem to recall I was trying to thrown a double-walled vessel so that I could carve the outside wall, and have the inside wall for a vase or something.  But by the time I joined the two walls, it ended up being in a shape which was not suitable for carving.  For in progress photos see this post.

Anyhow, the floral design really works for me.  I decided to spray it in Ash Yellow glaze, which was a favourite glaze recently, and then I sprayed an accent of Tenmoku glaze, which really makes this piece eye-catching, I think.

Large textured ceramic pot, pottery by Lily L.
2) This is the first of my pieces from the "Go Big" challenge.  It was thrown in 2 pieces, and you can see how I combined and decorated them in this post.  It was thrown from a total of 6300g of P570 white clay, and then decorated in thick slip.  It is glazed with Ash Yellow, and then highlighted with Deep Blue and Tenmoku Glazes, applied with a sponge.  It is still a bit wonky, but it turned out okay.  It is 14" tall, which is a pretty impressive piece of pottery, for me.  Of course, I ended up doubling the weight on the big dragon pot, but that was simply unexpected.

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