Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Half Glazed

That's what I felt like today.  It was a very busy day.  My friends commented that I was unusually non-talkative.  In fact, I was quite focused, working through my pieces and glazes one by one, checking them off in my notebook.

I got some of the major pieces glazed today, including my 4 mugs and 4 large items from the Tony Clennell workshop.  I also glazed my monster pot adorned with three winged dragons.  I didn't take many photos today, but I managed to get a few of my dragon pot.
Big ceramic dragon pot in progress, pottery by Lily L.
Big ceramic dragon pot in progress, pottery by Lily L.
I'm going to leave the glaze as a surprise, but I wiped the glaze off the eyes, and dabbed them with a red underglaze from my friend Cindy, since I managed to pull my high fire underglazes out of my bag last time I went to the studio, and forgot to put them back in.  I hope it will work out, since it was marked as Cone 06 - 6.  Oh well, it will be a different color than the rest of the pot, which is the most important.  Fingers and toes crossed on this one, after so much work and anticipation.

I realized very quickly that I would not finish all my glazing in the 4 hour workshop.  I ended up with quite a number of smaller pieces which I will need to glaze (and stain many of them!) Sunday :
Ceramics in progress, pottery by Lily L.

In fact, even if I had finished my glazing, I still have those 7 mugs I finished last Sunday, which I moved to the kiln shed today, and hopefully they are ready to glaze Sunday also.  So Sunday will be a very busy day, as it is also the glaze deadline for getting the pieces finished this term.  Otherwise they would need to wait until September when the studio re-opens.  Not so desirable.

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