Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Birthday Surprises

My dear sister, Rose, is a great encouragement to me in my ceramics journey.  So I wanted to make her a few items for her birthday this year.  Now that her birthday is past, I can post a couple of photos of the items which I was saving as a surprise for her.

This candle holder was raku fired last month.  I really like how the red is very vivid, there is a nice crackle in the white glaze, and there is a beautiful iridescence in the turquoise glaze.  It sure looks different than when it was greenware :

Here it is, from a few more angles :

The second item is a round vase with vine maple imprint, which I made for my sister since she wanted a similar one at the charity pottery draw in April, and didn't win it.  So this is the replacement:

Here's a photo of the two of them, before heading to their new home :
I'm so glad they went to a good home.

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