Sunday, May 29, 2016

Better Photos of Floral Raku Plates and Bowls

Today was a bright day, so I took a few more photos of my 3 floral plates / bowls from the raku workshop earlier this month.

My favourite is this plate featuring a bright red flower :
Floral raku-fired pottery ceramic bowl / plate by Lily L.

Here's a detail view of the rim (love that crackly glaze) and center (I'm pretty pleased by the color and texture) :
Details of a floral raku-fired plate by Lily L.

This bowl is also quite pleasing, but the red is not as vivid, it is more of a dark pink.  Perhaps less reduction (lack of oxygen from the combustion) or thinner application of the glaze.
Floral raku-fired ceramic / pottery bowl by Lily L.

A detailed view of the bottom, and center:
Details of a floral raku-fired ceramic bowl by Lily L.
I love the feel of the bottom.  It looks crackled, but the feel is very smooth.  The center didn't turn out as yellow as I had hoped, but I still like the effect.

Finally, the yellow flower plate.  This one is not as vivid as I had hoped, but it is still pretty nice.

Floral raku-fired ceramic plate by Lily L.

Here are a few detailed views:
Details of a floral raku-fired ceramic plate by Lily L.
You'll see in the top photo, as well as maybe the bottom left, the turquoise glaze didn't fully "mature", resulting in some weird bubbles, which break and form sharp edges.   A few of my classmates had the same issue with that same glaze, during that same firing, and unfortunately one of them cut herself while cleaning up her piece.  Tony suggests it is because it was the final firing of the day, and we rushed it a bit to the target temperature (1860 F).  He has offered to re-fire those pieces in the next raku workshop in October, and I may take him up on it, since grinding the rough spots with a sharpening stone didn't really clean them up, it just took the really sharp edges off.

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