Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trimming and a Bit of Throwing

Today was a very busy day, in a good way.  Except that trimming seems so time consuming, and yields so little progress.  But I was happy to be able to trim :

1) All 3 tea bowls.
2) The 3 anvils - although I trimmed through 1 (first time for me), so will end up with only 2.
3) The 2 other tools, which I'm not sure what to call them, but they have pointy ends for cleaning up the edges of holes.
4) My set of 11 discs, of progressive sizes (cut from a tall pyramid), which are useful for trimming feet.  I borrowed one of Jay's bisqued discs today, and found it to be useful when trimming.
5) The 3 marbled pieces from last week.

Here are some of my pieces, which I remembered to take a photo of:

I already suspected it, but I learned that I should have held back on applying the sprigs last week to my marbled vases, since the marbling came out much crisper in the parts I trimmed.  I should have been able to trim and use my rib over the whole piece, then apply the sprigs.  Next time.

I applied a sprig, and hope to add handles to the marbled vase which I flattened.  I'll try to take a photo next week, when it's done.

I had enough time to throw a few more pieces.  I was inspired by Jose Domingo Prado (@pradoceramics on Instagram).  In particular, his wonderful twisted vases like this one :

He was wonderful enough to share videos of how he makes them, so I decided to try my hand at it.

So I made 3 attempts.  Not too much success, but partial.  The first one, the vase was too wide, so I just kept it.  The second one, I threw a cylinder :

Then I flattened it to have 4 sides :

Then gave it some texture :

Then I was able to push my hand in, and push out the sides, but it didn't twist, as Jose Domingo Prado demonstrated.  So tried another one that was more narrow, and with thicker walls, so I could push harder on it.  This is the result :

Ha ha, not quite the effect I was seeking.  I suspect his was a bit more firm, before inserting his hand, so they didn't just mush out easily like mine.  Neither vase is an award winner, but interesting enough, and attracting enough attention (people wanting to know what I was doing) so I'll probably try again.  After I watch Prado's videos again.  :-)

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