Sunday, January 17, 2016


I love it when creativity inspires creativity.  I was happy to share my first large sculptural piece with Miranda Clingwall, aka "Warningbell Carousel", who has named her "Sedna".
Here is Sedna, getting a felt base, so she will not scratch any tables in her new home.

And here she is, looking out longingly, wondering how she will like her new home.

(See previous posts about my sculpture, starting from here.)

Miranda loved her at first sight (photo) and was happy to give her a good home.  Here she is after arriving at Miranda's house, surrounded by some of the herbs (Russian Tarragon, Blackberry Leaf, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile & Purple Sage Flower) which Miranda grows and dries.

Miranda continues to be inspired by Sedna, and has since been sharing with me some of the inspiration that the piece has brought her.  She recently shared this poem which she has written about Sedna, and an image which has meaning for her :


My name is Sedna

I come from the deep

I represent all that is.

I speak in mysteries and enchantments....

Inspirations that emanate 
from layers of portals of possibilities....

There is no time, only essence......

I am 
what becomes.

and I become 
what I am.

(Copyright - Warningbell Carousel - Jan 16 2016)

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