Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mostly Trimming, Some New Pieces

I don't know why I threw so many pieces with a heavy bottom, so I spent much of the class today trimming.  I am not very good at trimming yet, so I found it tedious and frustrating.  But I was glad to declare 10 of my pieces "done", except that I'll need to apply terra sig to them next week when they are bone dry.
Pottery drying in preparation for raku firing.

The little penguin is looking more like a penguin now that I have sketched a line around his belly, which I plan to glaze with crackle glaze.  The remainder will be left unglazed, so will turn black when placed in the combustibles.
Wheel thrown pottery penguin prior to raku firing.

I didn't want to leave class with no new pieces, so I took advantage of some little plate-making molds provided by my classmate, Bev.
Moulds for making slab-based ceramic plates.

They work like magic.  You cut a slab a bit bigger than the moulds, and clean up the edges.  Then you place the slab on a thick foam, and press it with the mould.  The process was really quick.  In about 10 minutes I had 3 plates to show for my efforts :
Slab-made ceramic pottery plates, pressed into foam to create the shape.

I have only 1 more piece to trim, but ran out of time, since I couldn't stay for the drop in session.  I had an appointment to go to, and since I had some spare time in between, I stopped by my 14-year-old's District (city) track meet, to offer him a ride home, and was very happy to be able to watch his last race, a 4x400 meter race.  He was amazing, and led his team to victory.  But not only that, I found out that he had won all 5 of his short and middle distance events that day.  So he advances on to the next level.  Wow, the fastest boy in his grade in our city.  I am so proud.  I can take no credit for his ability whatsoever, but I was so excited for him and proud.

Anyhow, back in the pottery world...  I have also 1 sculptural piece still at home.  I was going to keep her a secret, but I have to share a sneak peek.  I am hoping to finish her dress with a glitzy / iridescent glaze, and let the rest of her turn black in the raku firing.
 Ceramic sculptural piece - lady in ball gown - prior to raku firing.
Ceramic sculptural piece - lady in ball gown - prior to raku firing.
She's not very beautiful, but she has a great dress.  I think I'll name the sculpture "Princess for the Evening".

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