Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sgraffito Vase and Funky Container

I made some progress on my sgraffito vase, I think the result is pretty good :
White stoneware vase with sgraffito white flowers on green background, in progress.

Another angle:
Sgraffito white flowers on green vase, ceramic / pottery in progress.

On a previous vase, I have sgraffito'd the background, leaving a pattern of green leaves.  This time I wanted to sgraffito a white floral pattern against a green background.  I was inspired by this pattern which I found when I googled for "white on green" or something like that :

Last time I was in the studio, I tried again to throw a double walled vessel.  I did a much better job than the first attempt, but was not quite successful in getting the two walls to close, and I think they were too thin, they already started warping.
Attempt at double-walled ceramic vase, in progress.

I was afraid that the walls would collapse if I continued to coax them together, so I went with Plan B instead :
Funky double-walled ceramic vase in progress.
Funky double-walled stoneware ceramic vase in progress.
I think this could still be a pretty funky and practical vase, if my joins dry successfully.

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