Monday, September 22, 2014

Shadow Splash in Student Ceramics Exhibit

Shadow Splash on display in the main floor atrium of Shadbolt Center for the Arts in Burnaby BC.  I dropped by to visit her tonight, and take a few photos.  The lighting was not good, but here are some of the photos anyhow.
 She doesn't look happy to be in such a small little case, but I'm so proud of her.
There were not too many people looking at the display tonight, but there will be lots of people expected for the Culture Days festival on Friday and Saturday.
She is in great company, with the 5 other cases displaying the works of some very talented students and instructors from the ceramics program.
I took photos of many of them, too, but my photos don't do them justice.  I'll only point out that there is another dragon nearby, from the talented Sharon Reay, a collaborative piece with ceramic artist and instructor Linda Doherty, fired in the wood kiln.  Much more beautiful than this photo indicates :
Look at a closeup of this little dragon:
Poor little guy looks even sadder than Shadow.

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