Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 More Finished Items from the Pots That Pour Class

I picked up all but one of my finished items a couple of days ago.  There are too many to post them all tonight, but I'll post a few anyhow.  Not in any particular order.

#10 - I love this little lidded pot (although I don't what I'd ever use it for).  It was thrown from 1000g of white clay.  The lid sits very smoothly on top, and I glazed it separately, so I could completely glaze the rim of the pot.  That way, it looks good whether the lid is on or off.  The top was dipped in Khaki then the whole thing dipped in Deep Blue.  The lid is also dipped in Khaki then Deep Blue (cone 10 glazes).  I love the rich blue tone which results.   It bears my stamp on the bottom.

#11 - This one started out to be a "pilgrim flask" or "chicken pot", but when I saw what the instructor planned for it (pinch the top closed, and add a spout at one end), I decided not to waste my time making something that horrid looking.  So I cut and shaped the top instead.  So now it almost feels like something which is meant to pour.  At least it looks more usable to me that a "chicken pot".  I dipped it in Khaki, then Clear.  I'm not sure I really like it, but the speckled result is interesting.  I borrowed a twisted wire from my classmate Teena, to cut off the bottom.  I like that textured effect.  It bears my stamp on the outside near the base, so I didn't damage the textured bottom.

#12 - It's funny how something which starts quite ordinary can turn out to one of your favourites, as the case is with this fairly plain teapot.  It has a fairly nicely closing lid with the little jib to prevent it from falling out, a nice textured lid with vent hole, and a built in strainer for tea leaves (see bottom right, although it is pretty hard to see in the photo).  I stained it halfway with Khaki, then Deep Blue all.  This helps to keep the lid oriented the correct way.  It also makes the teapot a little less ordinary.  I fired the lid separately, just to make sure it didn't stick, since I glazed it pretty close to the rim.

I think that's it for tonight.  I'm still tired from my trip to China.  But more on that in future posts.  And more ceramic photos to come soon.

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  1. I love that little blue jar too! At first it looked like glass I util a second look. :)